Job: Kino Border Initiative seeks an Associate Director


Kino Border Initiative

Associate Director


The Kino Border Initiative, a dynamic, faith-based, non-profit located on the border of Nogales, AZ and Nogales, Sonora, seeks an experienced, bi-lingual professional to work closely with the Executive Director to manage internal operations including planning, finance, human resources, facilities and general business administration and engage with external constituencies.  The ideal candidate will possess experience in a non-profit setting in these key areas, be fluent in English and Spanish, and be fully committed to KBI’s mission and values.


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Associate Director will be responsible for enhancing the internal organization processes and infrastructure that will allow Kino Border Initiative to effectively fulfill its mission, as well as engage externally with key constituencies.

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Napolitano: Border more secure than ever

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano writes in an op-ed in The Arizona Republic that

Illegal crossings along the southwestern border last year were down 23 percent from the year before and are a fraction of their all-time high. Last year, seizures of contraband rose significantly across the board: Homeland Security seized 14 percent more illegal bulk cash, 29 percent more illegal weapons and 15 percent more illegal drugs than the year before. And, by all measurable standards, crime levels in U.S. border towns have actually remained flat or dropped for most of the past decade.

We’re seeing these results because the U.S. government has devoted more resources – in terms of manpower, technology, infrastructure – to the southwestern border over the past 16 months than at any point in America’s history.

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Congressman heads to Arizona to stand with immigrants

(Chicago) April 23, 2010 – U.S. Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) announced that he would travel to Phoenix, Arizona to join immigrant and Latino leaders at a rally at the State Capitol on Sunday. He also reacted today to remarks delivered by the President of the United States at a Rose Garden naturalization ceremony where 24 immigrant servicemen and women were sworn in as U.S. citizens. The President addressed the Arizona state legislative measure (SB 1070) that Gov. Jan Brewer will either veto, sign, or allow to become law by Saturday afternoon and the President addressed comprehensive immigration reform.

The following is a statement from Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez:

We held a press conference this week at the U.S. Capitol, with my colleague from Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, calling the nation’s attention to the serious civil rights catastrophe that Republicans in Arizona are unleashing on immigrants and all Latinos in the state. Now the national spotlight is focused squarely on Arizona and people from all over the country are making their way to Phoenix to stand up with and stand up for immigrants and Latinos in the state.

I am going there to let the people of Arizona know that they are not alone in fighting against bigotry and hatred and thousands will join me this weekend at the State Capitol. I have not seen the Latino community nationwide react in such a forceful way to an attack on immigrants since 2006, just after House Republicans passed a measure to criminalize and deport all undocumented immigrants and their families. It is remarkable how citizens and non-citizens, faith leaders, labor unions, and community-based groups from across the country have responded to the call to help defend the people of Arizona from the short-sighted political stunts of their own legislature playing election year politics with people’s lives and families.
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Cardinal: Arizona immigration law is ‘retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless’

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles Roger Mahony has penned an article both elegant and blistering in response to recent anti-immigrant legislation passed in Arizona.

The Arizona legislature just passed the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law [SB 1070, awaiting the expected signature of Gov. Jan Brewer]. The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense.

What led the Arizona legislature to pass such a law is so obvious to all of us who have been working for federal comprehensive immigration reform: the present immigration system is completely incapable of balancing our nation’s need for labor and the supply of that labor. We have built a huge wall along our southern border, and have posted in effect two signs next to each other. One reads, “No Trespassing,” and the other reads “Help Wanted.” The ill-conceived Arizona law does nothing to balance our labor needs.

Read Cardinal’s Mahony’s full article here. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA agrees with Cardinal Mahony that our focus should not be on exclusion, but on “passing a federal comprehensive immigration law which is forward-looking and which will help balance our need for adequate labor forces in the coming years.”

LA Times: Arizona’s anti-immigrant bill a reminder of fascism

Last week, Arizona lawmakers passed a strict anti-immigrant bill (SB 1070) that makes it a misdemeanor to lack proper paperwork in Arizona. The law would require police officers, if they have “reasonable suspicion” that someone is undocumented, to ask for the person’s documents.

Arizona lawmakers passed anti-immigration legislation that is unique in its stringency and harshness. The bill would strongly encourage police officers to engage in racial profiling by ordering them to check the status of people they merely suspect – suspect – of being in the U.S. illegally. Even legal immigrants, in a move that harks back to fascist Europe, would be required to carry their papers at all times or risk arrest.

(Read the Los Angeles Times editorial about “A Hostile Arizona.”)

“Alto Arizona!” is a targeted call to action that is asking opponents of AZ SB 1070 to contact Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) to ask her to veto this bill!

The passage of SB 1070 by the House of Representatives in Arizona will have chilling repercussions if signed into law by Governor Brewer. The bill dramatically expands police powers to stop, question and detain individuals for not having proper identification, a move that will instigate racial profiling and fear and driving a wedge between groups.

Click here to Take Action! Urge the Arizona Governor to Veto the Bill.