Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins scholarship campaign

This month Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM) launched the inaugural fund raising campaign for the newly established JC:HEM Alumni Association Scholarship for graduates of the Diploma of Liberal Arts program offered in areas of the world where higher education opportunities rarely exist.

JC:HEM is an initiative of the Society of Jesus that brings higher education to those at the margins of our societies. Through a generous donor, JC:HEM offers Community Service Learning Tracks and Diploma courses through a blended on-site and on-line approach at no charge to the students.

According to the United Nations High Commission of Refugees, 51.2 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide and of these people, less than 1% can access higher education.

Since 2010, in partnership with Jesuit Refugee Service, with professors and Universities around the world more than 1,900 students have studied in JC:HEM programs, 28% of whom are women.   The first JC:HEM students graduated in September 2013 with a Diploma in Liberal Studies worth 45 US credits. They and the recent 2014 graduates are now actively seeking funds that will enable them to continue their studies towards a bachelor’s degree at other universities.

For approximately $9,000.00, a graduate of the JC:HEM Diploma program can continue their studies by enrolling in a college or university, either locally or in another country, to complete their Bachelors degree within three years.

“It is because of JC:HEM that even the grade school children now have a goal to further their education.  Before JC:HEM, many in this community had never seen a University.  This is a significant paradigm shift in a community that for years never had opportunities to stimulate their intellectual capabilities. Having a university for people living at the margins creates an impact that will be seen for years to come,” said JC:HEM’s Alumni Association Coordinator Karen Cordova

For more information about how to donate to the JC:HEM Alumni Association Scholarship fund or to share the campaign, visit the JC:HEM website at or

for more information, please contact:

Deene Yenchochic
Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins

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