Detention Chaplain position opening

The Religious Services Specialist provides spiritual and pastoral care to all detainees and also facilitates their opportunity to pursue their individual religious beliefs and practices in accordance with current law, Federal regulations, and the DHS Detention Standards.  The Religious Services Specialist primary duty is to provide counseling, spiritual direction, support and crisis intervention to the detainees.  The Religious Services Specialist role is to be a non-judgmental caring influence in the lives of all individuals, a visible model of respect and caring for each person in spiritual need.  Presence is the vital aspect of the Religious Services Specialist’s ministry throughout the facility.

For more information, please visit the announcement on the Church World Services website.

This position is located at the Krome Service Processing Center.  The Religious Services Specialist operates under the general direction of the Religious Services Coordinator.  The Religious Services Coordinator is responsible for implementing a multifaceted religious service program designed to serve a diverse religious, cultural, educational, and social population.  The Religious Services Specialist assists the Religious Services Coordinator in planning, directing, and supervising all aspects of the religious program and oversees the general running of the facility’s religious services program.

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