Ecuador to host World Social Forum on Migrations

The World Social Forum on Migrations (WSFM) is an event that falls in line with the World Social Forums, which is a space for democratic debate of ideas, reflection, formulation of proposals, exchange of experiences and articulation of social movements , networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations that are opposed to neo-liberal globalization and the restriction of granting citizenship and civil rights, political, economic, social and cultural rights of migrants, displaced, refugees and stateless persons.

Ecuador is the site of the fourth edition of WSFM, in Quito from October 8 through 10, 2010. Thus, the social movements and networks on five continents that are part of the WSFM’s International Committee hope that the path traced by the Ecuadorian state towards the realization of their constitutional and legislative developments is reinforced by the process of the IV WSFM.

The organization of the IV World Social Forum on Migration, in Quito, has been delegated to the Migration, Communication and Development Plan, whose role as Technical Secretariat of the Forum is to form a National Preparatory Committee, among civil society organizations in Ecuador, to coordinate actions towards the IV WSFM.

World Social Forum

If you wish to participate in the Fourth World Social Forum on Migrations 2010, you register as:

PARTICIPANT: Any person who is interested in the contents of the Forum may participate individually, or if he/she belongs to an organization that has already filled its two seats as delegates.

DELEGATE: In order to participate as a delegate a person must represent an organization or social movement of immigrants or refugees, an organization that develops projects related to immigration or refuge, or an organization that has any link with migration flows.

The register fee for an organization allows a maximum of two delegates; if an organization wishes to register a third member, it must be done as participants.

OBSERVER: The Charter of the WSF principles establishes that political party representations and military organizations are not allowed to participate. Political leaders, representatives of political organizations or government officials may participate as observers.

Learn more and then  register here.

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