Temporary Protected Status brings hope to undocumented Haitians

The New York Times reports on the sometimes arduous process of applying for TPS, which on Jan. 15 the  U.S. granted to Haitians who were in the United States on Jan. 12, the date of the massive earthquake in Haiti.

For three hours, dozens of Haitian immigrants filed through the grand foyer of the New York City Bar building in Midtown Manhattan, and up to two large conference rooms. There, more than 180 volunteer lawyers, paralegals and interpreters explained the new designation — in English, French and Creole — and helped fill out applications.

… many clients who came seemed relieved, even exhilarated, to begin the process. Some said the new status would allow them to find legal work and help support relatives in Haiti. Others said they hoped to apply for government financial aid for college.

Read the full story here.

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