U.S. seeks to change way immigrant detainees are held

During an interview with the New York Times, Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano outlined several ideas for revamping the way the U.S. detains immigrants.

The Obama administration is looking to convert hotels and nursing homes into immigration detention centers and to build two model detention centers from scratch as it tries to transform the way the government holds people it is seeking to deport.

Read the NYT story here.

In a related editorial – read it here – the Times says

Immigration detention is a prime example of things going bad when the government subcontracts a vital mission to poorly supervised outsiders. The Obama administration, like its predecessor, is under ferocious political pressure to be seen as tough on people who have been unfairly depicted as a fundamentally criminal, dangerous crowd. It is pushing back with an effort to be sane and proportionate. If the reforms announced on Tuesday work half as well as promised, the country will be closer to a detention system it does not have to be ashamed of.

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