Faith communities take action for immigration reform

Faith communities around the country are highlighted as moral voices of compassion and justice in a report published by the Center for American Progress titled “Loving Thy Neighbor: Immigration Reform and Communities of Faith.” Read the report here.

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC) is pleased to see our grassroots faith partners recognized as powerful and prophetic voices in the immigration debate. While anti-immigrant voices dominate media attention by vilifying immigrants, people of faith have begun to respond in an organized and unprecedented manner, building a national movement of support for immigration reform.

“Loving Thy Neighbor: Immigration Reform and Communities of Faith” is a collection of on-the-ground stories of faith, and of people filled with the conviction of their religious beliefs and compelled to act in defense of their neighbors, congregation members, and friends.

“Every day I talk with people of faith who are so committed to working for immigration reform,” says Yvette Schock, grassroots coordinator for the IIC. “They do it because they know immigrants in their communities on a personal level. They see immigrants working hard and not getting paid fairly. They see parents struggling to learn English and provide for their kids. They visit immigrants in detention centers and support families when a parent has been deported. Their faith tells them that every person is a beloved child of God, and when they see children of God suffering because of laws that are inhumane, unfair and outdated, they know it’s a matter of faith that they work to change those laws.”

The report demonstrates what many already know to be true: faith communities are deeply committed to work on this issue. We hope this report serves as a catalyst for people and faith communities to engage in the activism already taking place, and to encourage those who have already been working tirelessly for justice for immigrants.

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