Asian groups push for immigration reform sooner not later

CLINIC notes that Asian and Pacific Islander organizations are pushing lawmakers to begin working on comprehensive immigration reform sooner than the time frame set forth by President Obama.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune of California,

Responding to an announcement from President Barack Obama last week that immigration reform would be put off until at least 2010, a collaboration of Asian and Pacific Islander organizations near Historic Filipino Town on Monday kicked off a week of activities aimed at pressuring federal lawmakers to move it forward.

Filipinos face one of the longest average waits to enter the U.S. – up to 22 years.

“To continue to punt immigration reform to next year, to the year after, to the next Congress, just doesn’t work for us. While we absolutely want health care reform and are are extremely supportive of that effort, we can’t allow immigration reform to fall by the wayside,” said Sara Sadhwani, immigrant rights project director for the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California (APALC).

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