Scare tactics used to frame health care, immigration debates

The Center for American Progress writes that their goal is to solve both the health care and illegal immigration crises, in contrast to the status quo caucus. For health care that means enacting legislation that makes coverage affordable to as many people as possible. For immigration, that means enacting reforms that align our immigration system with 21st-century realities and promote core values.

Health care reform opponents have emptied their grab bag of scare tactics in all-out assault on the various House and Senate bills. Many reform foes have fixed on illegal immigration as their bugbear of choice. They seek to confuse the public and distort the debate by blurring the lines between health care and immigration policy. But instead they have illuminated the cavernous gulf between those who want to solve tough problems and those who want to preserve the status quo.

Solving the health care crisis and immigration crisis are both urgent national priorities. It is obvious to those interested in solutions that each crisis presents its own complex policy challenges that must be tackled on their own terms. Health care reform will not end illegal immigration and immigration reform will not reverse the crippling effects of uncontrolled health care costs. Nonetheless, health reform adversaries propagate an endless stream of allegations seeking to conflate the two crises and misrepresent the policy proposals on the table.

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