No end in sight for Colombia's internally displaced

Colombia Journal reports on the deteriorating conditions faced by the internally displaced peoples of Colombia.

In March, displaced people from every corner of Colombia occupied Bogotá’s Plaza Bolívar to protest the government’s failure to combat forced displacement and to address the needs of internal refugees. Police relocated the protesters to nearby Tercer Milenio Park, where they have lived ever since in makeshift homes constructed of wood and plastic sheets. More than 380,000 Colombians were forcibly displaced from their homes by violence in 2008 and, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 50 families arrive in Bogotá everyday seeking refuge.

The Associated Press weighs in with it’s story about residents of the yent city as well.

Since March … people displaced by violence in rural Colombia have occupied the green hillocks and red-brick squares of Third Millennium Park, which was to be a jewel of Bogota’s urban renaissance as a military crackdown on leftist rebels brought greater safety to the nation’s main cities.

Instead, the park and its tent city are a reminder that the five-decade-long conflict still afflicts the countryside, causing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes and generating the world’s worst internal refugee problem, according to United Nations statistics.

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