Voices speak out against 'failed immigration program 287(g)'

Both the New York Daily News and the Sacramento Bee have added their voices to those speaking out against the increasing role local law enforcement officials have been playing in the enforcement of immigration laws.

The Daily News says

despite Obama’s stated commitment to tackle immigration reform, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is expanding the disastrous 287(g) program. This program, said Aarti Shahani, co-author of “Local Democracy on ICE,” – a thorough investigation of the 287(g) – “turns traffic cops into jail guards and deportation agents.”

And the Sacramento Bee adds

Not only does police enforcement of immigration law divert scarce public safety resources from crime fighting, it undermines vital community policing opportunities. Victims and witnesses are unwilling to report crime if they know that they or their family members or neighbors may be turned over to immigration authorities. Local officers, untrained in the complexities of civil immigration law, too often rely on racial profiling to target people they think may be undocumented.

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