Pope urges G8 nations to continue to aid developing nations

Zenit reports that

Benedict XVI is exhorting world leaders to look at the economic crisis as a reason to continue sending aid to underdeveloped nations, not as an excuse to stop.

In the text, the Holy Father deals with the challenges posed by the global crisis and calls on world political leaders to “convert the model of global development” to the values of solidarity and of “charity in truth.” Charity in truth is the theme at the center of the new papal encyclical that will be published on Tuesday.

Benedict XVI observed that the present economic crisis threatens to become a pretext for cancelling or drastically reducing international aid, especially for Africa and other less economically developed countries.

The Pope thus called on the G-8 and governments of the whole world to make sure that “development assistance, above all that directed toward the improvement of human resources, be maintained and strengthened, not only despite the crisis, but precisely because of it.”

Full article is here.

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