Tell them to ban cluster bombs

All nations need to ban cluster bombs, but this Global Week of Action will target 5 key countries that have not yet signed the treaty: Brazil, Cambodia, Iraq, Nigeria and Serbia.

Follow this link, enter your name, email address and country in the form to send a letter to each of these countries urging them to sign the Cluster Bomb Ban Treaty.

The Global Week of Action to Ban Cluster Bombs is an opportunity to call on all governments to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions by signing and ratifying it as soon as possible.

The Week of Action takes place exactly one year after the historic negotiations and formal adoption of the Convention in Dublin, Ireland on May 30, 2008.

While the negotiation and adoption of this Convention is a great achievement, much of the real work remains. For it to have a meaningful impact, governments must sign, ratify and implement the treaty.

We need 30 ratifications as soon as possible for the treaty to enter into force. Only when this happens
will there be full legal obligations on governments to assist victims, clear contaminated land, destroy
stockpiles of cluster bombs and ensure there is no more use of these weapons.

Which 30 countries will bring the treaty into force? Make sure your government signs and ratifies the Convention on Cluster Munitions!

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