Haiti deserves TPS designation

The Miami Herald has published an op-ed by Bishop Thomas Wenski, of the Diocese or Orlando, stating that the United States should grant temporary protected status to Haitians in the U.S.

An excerpt:

30,000 Haitians at risk of being deported have looked to the new administration with hope. Early signs, however, indicate that Haitians may continue to endure discriminatory treatment. Renewed requests to the Obama administration to grant TPS for Haiti have poured in.

If any country deserves TPS, it is Haiti. The U.S. State Department warns visitors that there are no ”safe areas” in Haiti … In August and September 2008, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and Tropical Storms Fay and Hanna passed through Haiti, causing severe damage and the deaths of close to 700 persons. Massive flooding from the storms destroyed homes, crops, bridges and schools …

To date, there has been no response from the administration except for Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano repeating the old canard that thousands in Haiti would head for Miami.

This is unfounded.

Read the full article in the Miami Herald here.

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