Study: Millions of 'illegal' children are citizens

CNN and the New York Times report on a study published Tuesday that shows nearly four million children who have at least one parent who entered the U.S. illegally were born in the United States and are U.S. citizens as a result.

The study from the Pew Hispanic Center says that is about three quarters of the estimated 5.5 million children of illegal immigrants inside the United States.

“Among children whose parents are unauthorized immigrants, one in three is poor. The [poverty] rate of children of unauthorized immigrants is similar whether the children are unauthorized immigrants or U.S. born,” the study says.

The Times says “Children of illegal immigrants are more than twice as likely to live with two parents than children of United States citizens, according to the report. In all, about 8.8 million people in the United States are in families that include parents who are illegal immigrants and children who are American citizens.”

Read the CNN story here.

Read the New York Times story here.

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